My love of Tim Burton movies started with the original release of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in 1993.

I knew I wanted to make these 2 main characters long before I ever saw Ace of Clay’s fantastic tutorials (links below) but seeing his videos gave me the confidence to go ahead and try them.

I know my daughter also loves these characters, so I decide to make them in pairs and give her whichever set turned out the best.

It made me feel slightly better that he made the same mistake with his legs.

In the end, there were only a couple things I did differently than the tutorial: I used the very flexible Cos Clay for the skirts as well as the hair.  I also baked inbetween each step as I am much more prone to squishing parts that I just finished working on.

Making Jack Skellington was pretty simple, I just followed the tutorial, and was pleased with how both of my Jacks turned out.

Sally was a different story, she was definitely harder for me.  I made the mistake of not watching the entire tutorial before diving in.  I got the legs and skirts all done and cured before realizing I had not put any stitch marks on either.  (note to self:  always watch the entire tutorial first!)  The only option was to break all that clay off and redo them.

Overall I was pleased with all 4 characters.  I let my granddaughter choose which 2 she thought her mom would like the best, and I believe she did!

(Nice job Marissa, love you!)